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Teaching Through Questioning:

'Teaching Through Questioining' is a unique in-service teachers training program. Prime objective of this training is to enable teachers to come up with interesting questions in the class and then drive the discussion around it.

These questions not only allow the classroom discussions to be more lively but it also encourages students to counter question.

It is also important that these questions involve all the students. The trainig program guides teachers on various ways of questioning. Many a times teachers give away the answers immediately without giving thinking time. A famous study has shown that on the average teachers give 0.8 seconds for answering a question. It is extremly imporatnt that students are given enough thinking time.

While teaching the concept of 'Sound', how often do the teachers ask questions like:

- Why does sound need a medium to travel ?
- Why does sound travel faster in solids ?
- Can other person standing next to you listen your voice when you are in space ?
- Can you listen to your own voice when you are in space ? ( Hint: Yes.)
- Why is it that when you crunch chips in your mouth you get to hear a loud sound of chips breaking ?

Other than the ways of asking questions, Open Door has pre-designed set of interesting discussion questions on all the mathematics and science concepts for middle school level. These questions are discussed with the teachers during the training program which is conducted twice a year.