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Why mastery assessment ?

Mastery assessment transforms assessment into a learning tool. It is the practice of assessing and reassessing students till they master a particular concept.

Often it becomes extremely difficult for teachers to quickly make a question set of conceptual questions and evaluate the answer sheets quickly. Open Door's tool makes this extremely easy to do. Also, it gives deeper insight on students misconceptions.

Product Features:

Question Paper Generator :

It allows teachers to set question papers as per their need. Questions can be chosen according to difficulty level, type of questions and according to the topic being taught. Once the questions are chosen, the teacher can edit and modify them if needed.

- Get access to thousands of real world and application type maths and science questions.

- Select questions board wise, subject wise, chapter wise and subtopic wise.

- Make objective and descriptive type question papers.

- Save and edit the question papers.

- Access pre-made question papers.

- Create question paper sitting at any location connected to internet.

Online answer-sheet evaluator :

It eases the teachers' burden of correcting question papers. This tool enables teachers to scan the multiple choice answer sheet using webcamera or mobile phones. Also, it gives detailed test analytics which are used by teachers to plan corrective measures.

- Correct all answer sheets of a class of 50 students within 100 seconds.

- Plan corrective measures and short retests.

- Finally push students towards mastery.

Reports Sharing :

Test Results are generated immediately. These results provide an indepth analysis of students performances.

- Know the exam analysis immediately.

- Share students results instantly through email and SMS.