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About Open Door

Open Door started in the year 2014 by group of IIT Alumni. The company enables schools to conduct understanding based assessments and it propagates the idea of mastery learning. The company is catering to over 10,000 students in its first year of operation.

Open Door presently offers following products and services:

1. Assessment Tools : Allows teachers to make questions, evaluate them and share results quickly.
2. Annual Concept Test : Concept test on maths and science is conducted by Open Door.These tests compare school's performances with other top schools.
3. Teachers Training: In service teachers tarining is conducted on "Teaching through questioning". Teachers are trained on various ways of questioning and counter questioning.
4. Science Workbook: Workbook consists of application based questions.

The Team

Aneesh Bangia :

Aneesh graduated from IIT Madras in year 2010. After a brief stint in the corporate world, he realised his calling in the education sector. He has been teaching Maths and Science since July 2011 and has been actively involved in helping people understand these subjects better.

Abhishek Kariwal :

Abhishek graduated from IIT Madras in year 2011. He has worked with MNCs in manufacturing sector prior to taking plunge in education sector.He has been teaching students at different levels with his teaching methodology.He believes that role of teacher is to make students a better learner.